Looking for a Life Coach?

Are you a woman who “has it all” and yet you still feel unfulfilled? Are you a guy with a great career and no life?

If so, I can help you! I specialize in helping you sort out that troubled-spot in an otherwise spotless life. If you’re generally happy and feel successful in most areas of your life, but you have one or two areas that are troubling you, we should talk—soon!

Welcome. My name is Amber McKee and I’d like to help you achieve what you desire in your life. To get started, I’d like to meet with you to see if we’re a good fit for one another at no cost to you initially.

Once we decide — together — to move forward, I recommend one to three 1-hour sessions per month. You determine how often and how long you want to work toward changing your life to meet your goals. I am there to support you and help keep you on track. I charge $100 per hour for sessions.

Through my practice, I can help you through life’s challenges, including:

  • Career decisions
  • Life events
  • Struggles with relationships, personal and professional
  • Weight loss and smoking cessation
  • Personal challenges and opportunities

Don’t wait any longer! Contact Amber today!


What is Neuro-linguist Programming?

Neuro-linguist Programming (or NLP™) was developed by studying the natural thought processes of exceptional achievers to make their talents available to you – maximizing your potential both personally and professionally!

With its revolutionary approach to human inter- and intra-communication and human potential development techniques, NLP has helped millions of people all over the world overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships, improve learning, and achieve greater success.

  • NEURO refers to the nervous system where our experiences are received and processed through our five senses.
  • LINGUISTIC represents the language that we use – both verbal and non-verbal, that codes, organizes and gives meaning to our mental representations.
  • PROGRAMMING is a computer metaphor that refers to our ability to discover and use the programs that we all mentally run.

In short, NLP is about how to run our brain in a productive way to consistently achieve the results that we want.

Paradise Is Where You Are Right Now

Living in Paradise

Where is your focus? It sounds like a simple question, but really think about it for a moment. Where does your energy go?

Our lives are a reflection of our intentions — whether we are consciously aware of them or not. We may think that we’re focused on our health or our families, all the while working 80 hours per week at our job.

To create change in your life, you must first understand what really needs changing.

A friend once told me she had problems with her weight that troubled her. She couldn’t lose weight, because she was lazy. She worked and went to school full time; she had a husband with serious health problems, and ongoing stress in her life from her mother-in-law.

Lazy? I thought. No way. What kind of toxic tape loop makes a person who clearly is overachieving in her life perceive a failure in one part laziness?

Her instinct that something in her life needed to change was right on the money, but it wasn’t the “Truth” (e.g., I need to be less lazy….read: negative belief pattern) she thought.

Negative self-talk (“I’m lazy,” “I’m stupid,” “I’m a terrible mother or wife”) is a clear indication of a negative reinforcing tape loop of old programming that is obscuring the real problems in your life.

It may be that you want to make changes to your life, but you won’t be able to tackle that pinnacle until you get rid of the manacle around your leg.

To use my friend as an example, adding more rules about eating and more “To Dos” in her life wasn’t the answer. Instead, it was time to understand what needed to go: She couldn’t afford to quit her full-time job; school was the one thing that was working for her; her husband’s health problems were something they both had to learn to live with. That left only one thing left to change: The mother-in-law.

I’m not going to tell you that things changed miraculously for her overnight. They didn’t. However, what I can tell you is that after steady attention to that issue, she is finally in a spot where she will see some movement. Mom-in-law is moving out. Now, finally, my friend will get to put her focus on herself and on the life she wants to build for a clear path forward!

Personal Change Analysis

Take a minute and read through the exercise below. This exercise (and many others out there) can help you uncover hidden reasons and motivations for why you may struggle at making a change in your life. How do you feel when you consider completing this exercise? Do you feel ambivalent? If so, consider whether you really want to make this in your life at all. Sometimes the best change is learning to live with who we are right now.

If, after consideration, you want to proceed, snatch 30 minutes of quiet time for yourself. Oftentimes early mornings or late evenings work best, particularly if you have young children. Get a pencil or pen and a notebook (preferably one you can dedicate to your process of making this change). Take a couple of minutes to center yourself and ground, and then start to think about the change you want to make. If you like, you can light candles, or play music — anything that will help put you into a quiet contemplative space where you can think and write easily.

What do I want to change?
Why do I want to change this aspect of my life or myself?
What am I telling myself about what I want to change?

List five positive things (e.g, I deserve a high-paying job)
List five negative things (e.g., I’m too old to get back out into the job market)
List 10 neutral things (e.g., A new job would mean a new routine.)

Look closely at your neutral statements. Are they truly neutral? If you had to put them into the positive or negative column, where would they end up? Which column is longer?

Do I support myself in making this change?

If yes, Good job! (But go through the rest of the exercise, just in case!)
If no, list five ways that I don’t support myself.

For each of those five things, write a paragraph describing why I don’t support myself.

Do others in my life support me in making this change? List 5 reasons why or why not and write a paragraph explaining your reasoning.

Stop for a minute and consider the information you have captured. Now you know some of the emotional context in which you will be making this change. Given the input you’ve written so far, answer the following questions.

Do you want to make this change, or do others want you to make it?

Are you supported by yourself and others in making this change?

Is this the right time to make this change? What would be the best time? What would be the worst time?

What is your biggest fear about making this change? What is the best thing that will happen if you make it?

What could you ask others to do or not do in order to better support you in your efforts?

Who is your biggest advocate to make this change?

Who is the most resistant to the idea of you making this change?

If you had a genie beside you who could move one obstacle out of your way to enable you to succeed, what would that obstacle be?

Now that you understand all of these factors in making your change, pick two people: Your champion and your devil’s advocate and ask them to walk through this exercise with you. (You don’t have to show them your answers unless you want.) Document how your answers differ from theirs.

Write a paragraph about your experience in asking their input: What does this tell you about your change? Is it practical? Is your vision realistic? Is it overly optimistic or pessimistic?

Good work! You’ve just done a personal change analysis. Now you’re ready to design your plan for a clear path forward!


Testimonial — Debbie P.

“I have known Amber McKee professionally for the past 20 years and in that time I have known her to be very insightful and to have an uncanny ability to recognize the needs of others. Her sincerity speaks to her integrity of service. Her perception and assessment of circumstances that affect an individual’s life are right-on. Amber is “one of a kind.” She has helped countless individuals through life struggles with grace, wisdom, kindness, and her special brand of caring. I would highly recommend Amber to anyone seeking support from a knowledgeable, unbiased, and trusted source.”

—Debbie P., Ogden, UT

Testimonial — Shelby W.

“Having known Amber personally for nearly five years now, I can honestly say that her assessment and advice on my issues have been dead-on accurate. She has seen me at my worst, listened patiently while I over-analyzed my “stuff” and helped me look at new perspectives and ways of handling situations. I only wish the “professional” psychologists I have seen in the past had the same passion for their jobs as she does [for life coaching].”

— Shelby A. Walker, Salt Lake City, UT

Testimonial — Regina R.

“As a professional associate and personal friend, Amber has repeatedly given me supportive and realistic guidance about choices I could make to better my career and life. I know I can rely on Amber’s insight, discretion, and superior ethics to help me sort out life’s dilemmas—both big and small.”

— Regina R., Salt Lake City, UT

Testimonial — Alora C.

“I have known Amber McKee for a decade. She has always been and continues to be a solid, dependable source of comfort and wise counsel for me and for all who know her. There is no storm she cannot help you weather. No challenge she cannot help you navigate. See those people safe on the shore? See them happy and relieved to be out of their troubles? Know what they did? They called Amber.”

—Alora C., San Jose, CA

Testimonial — Shauna B.

“Although I’ve had a solid career and marriage for many years, unexpected changes in the past few months made it seem as if all of my life decisions were suddenly up for grabs. I did not feel that I was at a crossroads; I felt that I was at the spaghetti-bowl entrance to multiple superhighways–personally and professionally. Working with Amber helped me sort out my priorities and isolate the areas where change was most needed now. Our conversation was invaluable.

“Although Amber’s insights are strongly informed by her own spirituality, she is very perceptive about each person’s comfort with the practical and the mystical–and as a life coach, she was very graceful about blending them appropriately for me.”

— Shauna B., Salt Lake City, UT

Testimonial — Jenn G.

“With an approach that is practical and compassionate, rational and intuitive, Amber has helped me recognize my strengths and overcome obstacles to having the well-balanced, creative life I’ve always sought.”

— Jenn G., Salt Lake City, UT

Testimonial — Andrea M.

“There are things that inspire and people who guide, but few have such a graceful talent for both as Amber McKee. I’ve known Amber for more than a decade, and she continually inspires and guides me—even when it’s least expected. In fact, she’s helped shape my life for the better.

“I’ve sought help from Amber on all matters. Whether it’s a business, personal or spiritual issue, Amber has an uncanny ability to not only see through to the heart of the problem in order to give profound advice, but she also teaches me new perspectives and ways to handle future situations on my own.

“Thankfully, she’s become my internal editor—that little voice inside my head—as well as my counselor. Whenever I’m in a jam or just not feeling like I’m living up to my true potential, I think to myself “How would Amber handle this situation?” Ultimately that puts me on the right path for problem solving.

“I can’t imagine my life without Amber. She delivers her message in a way that makes sense and puts me at ease. I’ve referred many people to Amber, including my mother. Amber’s intuition and understanding of human nature make her the most trusted friend, confidante and advisor I’ve ever known.”

—Andrea M., writer, editor, and teacher, Salt Lake City, UT


Life Coaching

A session may include any or all of the modalities in which I am skilled, including NLP, hypnotherapy, reiki, tarot, astrology, or just good project management!

  • Life Coaching Evaluation (10 minutes) — FREE
  • Life Coaching Session (1 hour) — $100
  • Life Coaching Package (5 one-hour sessions) — $400         *A 20% discount!*


  • Reiki Session (1 hour) — $50
  • Reiki Instruction:
    • Reiki I — $150 for class session and attunement
    • Reiki I and II — $250 for class sessions and attunement
    • Reiki Master — $500 for class sessions and basic and master attunement


  • Hypnotherapy Session (1 hour) — $100
  • Hypnotherapy Package (5 one-hour sessions) — $400        *A 20% discount!*


  • Tarot Reading (1 hour) — $50\
  • “Bobby Fisher” Tarot Reading for Groups — $200 for up to 20 people (can take up to four hours)**


  • Natal Chart Evaluation (1 hour) — $50
  • Astrology Instruction — $200 for four class sessions (for up to four people; additional participants $40 each)

I am happy to discuss your unique situation and needs on a case-by-case basis. I make available in-person sessions and instruction for individuals or groups based on your needs. I accept payment for services via PayPal. All services must be prepaid unless prior arrangements are made with me.

Also, many of my services are also available via a web- or phone-conference. For more details, contact Amber for a clear path forward!

**The “Bobby Fisher” Tarot Reading was invented by tarot collector and scholar Holly Voley. It involves giving each of the participants an entire year’s worth of tarot predictions. This event is fun for parties and gatherings. Each participant leaves the event with a card containing their year’s predictions to contemplate and reflect on in the coming months.